Artist Jed Madela was moved by Vivoree Esclito

Artist Jed Madela was moved by Vivoree Esclito’s gesture at ABS-CBN Ball


Artist Jed Madela

Artist Jed Madela

Photo credit to Jed Madela’s Instagram Account/ @jedmadelaofficial


Artist Jed Madela was moved by Vivoree Esclito, who made a special effort to welcome him while they were both holding up outside the Shangri-la inn at the Fort the day after the ABS-CBN Ball.

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Madela posted in his social media account: “I really appreciate young artists who show respect to their seniors,” Madela stated via Facebook. “Today, I was waiting for my ride outside the hotel and from afar, I saw a new artist waiting as well. She braved the pool of fans and made an effort to walk to me and greet me and asked if I enjoyed the ball last night. Though a small gesture, that says a lot about a person. Thank you, Vivoree. I really appreciate it.”

Artist Jed Madela was moved by Vivoree Esclito 2

Screenshot from Jed Madela’s Facebook account


Madela included Esclito’s action may have been little, however it said a great deal regarding her as an individual.

Jed Madela’s post incorporated his involvement with the ball when he was on the move floor next to a gathering of youthful artist. He said three of the four youthful specialists came up to him and welcomed him, however one just gazed at him with her B*tch Face. Madela didn’t make reference to the names of the young individuals he was alluding to in his post.

Madela hasdeleted that last part from his post, in spite of the fact that the original post has been shared on Sept. 16 by Fashion Pulis.

“Just had to point it out coz last night we were on the dance floor and there was this group of young artists beside us,” Madela said in his original post. “They were four popular young ones. The three came up to me and said hi. One just stared with her face and continued dancing. Tsk. Tsk. Again, little gestures like this says a lot.”
Madela, in any case, clarified that he altered the last piece of his post since he didn’t have any acquaintance with it would start such a lot of interest.

“Names are being thrown in and so far, no one got it right. Unfair naman,” said Madela. “Let’s drop it. Peace everyone!”


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